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Carpenter at Work

It really all started for us with the pandemic.  Redundancy's and not being able to secure new employment very much forced our hand in needing to do something, but what?

A friend of ours was in a similar position, but fortunately for them they were a skilled carpenter and we able to quickly set up their own business and make a living.  We had noticed that while they were excellent at their craft, letting people know about it was something they really struggled with.  We thought we could help with that.

It also happened that we were looking for some work to be completed on our own home by various trades people.  It was a nightmare.  No one answered the phone, long waits for them to come and see what needed to be done, more waiting for a quote.

As we were unemployed anyway, we had nothing to lose and decided to help local carpenters get their word out and local customers connect with appropriate suppliers in a timely fashion. 

Crazy simple, but somehow, its working

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